Fast Tips

1) Plan your meals for the week and create a menu and list of needed ingredients.

2) When creating the menu, make sure you get enough protein.

3) When grocery shopping, carefully read labels of bottled and canned items. Stay away from ingredients that are not Daniel Fast-friendly, like oil, sugar, vinegar, soy sauce and salt. (Although, you can use salt sparingly when cooking.)

4) Prepare salad ingredients ahead of time. Cut or slice vegetables and store in separate containers in the fridge for easy salad preparation during the week.

5) Choose a day to cook. This is the day when you can cook several meals in advance (pots of soup, quinoa, vegetable chili, brown rice, etc.). It will be a time-saver, too, in the days ahead because you will be reheating food instead of cooking from scratch everyday.

6) Stave off hunger pangs by drinking a glass of water.

7) Pray and ask the Lord to help you stick to the Fast.

8) Daily spend time with the Lord in prayer and in reading the Bible. Keep a journal of how the Lord spoke to you.

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